Vilnius percussion


Ensemble VILNIUS PERCUSSION was founded in the year 1995 and was the first percussion ensemble in country. During the 19 years of activity artists performed and participated in various percussion festivals and projects in Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Denmark, etc. In the repertoire of ensemble are the scores of various genres as well as their own compositions. VILNIUS PERCUSSION always searching for innovative and contemporary programs including the use of non-traditional instruments.

VILNIUS PERCUSSION mainly was formed on the base of the musicians from Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra: Albertas Ivanauskas, †Ramūnas Kaučikas, Gediminas Mačiulskis, Artūras Maniušis, manager Pavelas Giunteris, Raimondas Vilkočinskas  and Artūras Ziblys. Ensemble brought-up numerous well-known Lithuanian percussionists - such as Tomas Kulikauskas, Viktoras Mogilo-Žano  and others. Ensemble members empathized the tragic loss of its member - one of the best Lithuanian percussionists †Ramūnas Kaučikas in 2005.

Vilnius Percussion ensemble performed together with such soloists as with Linda Maxey (USA), Nebojsa Zivkovic (Germany), Frederic Macarez (France),  Nandayapa Javier (Mexico), Piotr Sutt (Poland),  Hector Palacio (Mexico) and others.

Currently ensemble members are: Albertas Ivanauskas, Saulius Auglys-Stanevičius Gediminas Mačiulskis and  Artūras Maniušis, Giedrius Aušra.

From the year 2012 ensemble was granted the Honor Name of Zeferino Nandayapa Family  as the result of the  creative partnership and friendship between Saulius Auglys-Stanevičius  and Javier Nandayapos - the son of famous Mexican folk and classical marimba player Zeferino Nandayapa.  Nandayapos family also kindly sponsored the purchase of Mexican marimba to the ensemble.

About Zeferino Nandayapa. During his life Zeferino Nandayapa (1931- 2010) played with the best orchestras of Mexico and performed many different compositions. He formed the Marimba Nandayapa in 1956, a popular marimba band that has traveled to several countries performing Mexican and Latin-American folk music. Famous composers dedicated their scored especially to Zeferino Nandayapa and he made successful records with the world's best orchestras. From 1989  Zeferino Nandayapa has been a soloist with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, and the Orquesta de la Comunidad Española in Madrid (2000). He played together with world-renowned conductor Eduardo Mata. In year 1996  Zeferino Nandayapai was awarded the National Art Award.  Now Zeferino Nandayapa rest in peace and enjoying the music of heaven.

This collaboration is a big and important step in the development of Lithuanian percussion musical. This will allow the Lithuanian audience familiarizes with Mexican music traditions. Although our two countries are very far from each other, but the music brings us together.

The Patron of Vilnius Percussion ensemble: Javier Nandayapa
Vilnius Percussion ensemble is sponsored by the Embassy of Mexico

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